Independent Authors: Making Money Off Your Work

Maybe you write because you love the idea of telling a story. You love creating intricate plots and deep, complex characters. However, if you’re like most independent authors out there, you’d love to make money off your work as well. In this article, I’ll discuss how authors make money independently.  Independently means making money without using a traditional publishing company.

Independent Authors Making Money off Their Novels

Independent Authors Versus Traditional Publishing

If you’ve done any research about the publishing world in the last few years, you’ll see that independent authors are actually capable of making more money publishing themselves on companies like Amazon than using traditional publishing companies.  Why, though?  Because of royalties.

Traditional publishing companies know that new authors are desperate to have their work published, so they can ask for whatever percent royalties they want.  They can ask for high numbers like seventy to eighty percent while offering you minimal upfront payments.  If you publish your novels yourself, using the numerous methods out there, you can keep anywhere from fifty to seventy percent more of your book sells. That’s a huge bonus.  Sure, you might not have the resources of a publishing company but there’s no reason you can’t do the same things a publishing company would. It just takes a bit more time and effort.

Making Marketing Your Friend

If you’re going to independently publish your work, you need to take the time to research. There are literally thousands of articles out there about how to market your book. Look into it. This may come in the form of release your book for free for certain periods of time to drive readers and reviews. This may come in the form of creating a blog to drive traffic to your novel. You might release snippets on a site about your book.

Make sure you investigate paid ads, guest blogging, and social media as well. Twitter can go a long way! Also, make sure you edit your book. People who professionally edit their books sell more. It’s just a fact. Nobody wants to read something that’s riddled with typos and inconsistencies.  You know what else sells? A good cover. People do judge books by them, and you want yours to stand out. So, make sure you get a professional looking one made. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, but you do need a good artist.

Write More and More and More

The key to success is writing more! There are independent authors out there that are making over one hundred thousand dollars a year! How are they doing it? They’re treating their writing like a career. The average 100ker spends at least 40 hours a week writing.  They typically have about 25 to 30 books published on Amazon.

If you want to be one of these people, if you want to make yourself a success, then focus on writing. This doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job – we all have bills to pay. It just means that you need to make writing one of the priorities in your life.  Read up on how to stay motivated, good luck, and happy writing!

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